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Bowling Prices

The more you play the less you pay at the Big Apple, Woking!

1 game
Adult = £6.95
Junior/Under 14 = £5.95

Early Riser

mon-sun until 11am
per person, per game
= £3.95


The Evening Session

Mon-Sun 6pm-close
Bowling & 1 drink
= £11.95

Up to 3 games 

2 Game Deal

2 players
= £16.00
3 players
= £22.00
4 players
= £28.00
5 players
= £35.00
6 players
= £42.00


Whether you're a first-timer, an established league player or a seasoned pro, ten pin bowling at the Big Apple is always an action packed and fun day out. And with the latest equipment to hand, including lane bumpers, ball ramps, light weight balls for the young ones and easy access for wheelchair users, it's easy to see how we cater for all comers, every day of the week.


NB: All bowling offers are for a continuous session of play.

New to bowling? That's ok, we were all new once! Check out our quick and dirty "Bowling for Absolute Beginners" guide. You'll be an expert in no time.

You don't need any kit - we've got everything!


Shoes? You betcha - all sizes, non-slip and in such cool colours, you'll want to take them home (but don't, that's stealing!).


Balls? Certainly! Because bowling is for everyone, from tiny tots to chunky hunks, we have the right ball for you. Our bowling balls come in different weights and with different sized finger holes, so you can pick your perfect ball with ease.


Scoring? Numeracy is great, but you don't need it to bowl. Let our supercomputers add up the scores for you.


Customer service? Big time. Our staff love to bowl, so if you need any help, they'll love to help you out. And they host great children's birthday parties.


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